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How to install speedcam on SMEG+ device

I have a Citroen C4 Picasso, so I can tell how it should be carried out on the installation.
I assume the other SMEG+ unit can be similar.

- Plug the USB flash drive into your computer and format it with FAT32 file system.
- Unzip the contents of speedcam archive to the root of the USB flash drive.
- The root folder of the USB flash drive must contain only the following directory: SMEG_PLUS_UPG
- It is advisable to run the engine during installation.
- Plug the USB flash drive into the USB socket on your car.
- The installation will start automatically.
- At the end of a successful installation is displayed: "successful".
- In case of unsuccessful installation error message.
- Unplug the USB flash drive from the USB socket on your car.
- Stop the engine.

The new database must not be older than what is currently installed.
The SMEG+ system does not allow this.

How to install maps on SMEG+ device

- download the (
- unpack
- run the generator.jar
- enter your VIN and select the file ./SMEG_UPG/DATA/CCT.DAT.inf provided with the map
- plug the USB drive in your car
- go to Navigation -> settings -> maps
- click update
- select the map you want to update and confirm
- enter the activation key previously generated
If described here it would be you have any questions, you can register on the forum and discuss there.
In France, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland using safety camera alerts is forbidden by law. If in these countries you do not want to violate the law, you can not download the speedcam database, and do not install it!

The illegal of use I do not take any responsibility!

The navigation system involves risk any modification. This includes the maps and database of speedcam installation. The setup on with your own risk. Who does not want to take any risks on this, the leaves of the operations carried out by an expert!

During installation, any damage caused to the navigation device I do not take any responsibility!
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